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Trucks Running on Freeway Should Cover and Bundle the Loadings Tightly

Respecting lots of traffic accidents with fatalities and injuries on freeway cause by the goods scattering comes from loading slackly, the Freeway Bureau called a meeting for a special publicity project and started an intensive publicity from July of 2008. By the way of broadcasting, TV films, posters, banners and bulletin boards to remind the drivers, and asking the freight transport associations to ask their memberships should load their goods according to relative regulations assuredly and check the bundle on the way. On the other hand, the Highway Police Bureau will enhance the patrol and enforcement. We hope to develop the correct driving concept and create a safe driving environment.


The relative regulations had detailed defines about trucks loading on the freeway. In “ Freeway and Expressway Traffic Control Regulations”, it regulates that trucks should cover and bundle the loadings tightly, and the trucks carried animals or fishes should setup leaking preventing or excreta putting facility. If you carry loads which are not probably anchored, you shall be fined NT$4,000 to NT$6,000.


The Freeway Bureau has arranged fixed patrol and conducted scatterings on the freeways everyday. If receive a announcement of scattering, the Bureau will also conduct immediately. If you find scatterings on the way, please call the free telephone number ”0800-008-456” to announce the Freeway Bureau.


In the end, the Freeway Bureau appeal to drivers once more, maintain your car ordinarily and check status of your car and loadings before starting to drive.


— Sources provider:Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, Ministry of the Interior. Republic of China(Taiwan)

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