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  1. Properly form police discipline and enhance law and discipline education to correct any improper concepts of policemen with serious management and continuous teaching. Absolutely eliminate policemen without any change in behavior after persuasions in order to purify groups and maintain merit reputation.
  2. The Bureau will implement national highway police duties and make every effort on the following items to maintain the safety of road users.

    1. Safety maintenance of the traffic order and road facilities.
    2. Inspection enforcement of violations of highway traffic management events.
    3. Treatment of vehicle accidents.
    4. Safety maintenance of vehicle passengers and goods.
    5. Within the range of National Highway and Provincial Highway 76, assistance with the investigation, prevention and treatment of violating events and violations within the national highway right-of-way.
    6. Inspection enforcement of traffic order maintenance, such as toll stations, weighbridges and service areas.
    7. Maintenance of vehicle safety and order on major expressways across counties and cities.
    8. Other items related to the implementation of national highway law and order and the planning and supervision of police business.
  3. Continue to implement the expansion of enforcement and actively fight and eliminate crime. Strengthen the cooperation between regional joint defense and every intelligence agency in counties and cities to form a unified force and maintain law and order in counties and cities.
  4. To prevent outlaws from fleeing on the roads under NHPB jurisdiction and based on the priority of the maintenance of highway law and order in traffic inspection enforcement, NHPB will specially enhance the roadside duty of investigations and searches on suspicious people and the inspection of vehicles in use at toll stations and service areas at proper times to prevent outlaws from fleeing and to safeguard the safety of road users.
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