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Information Security Policy

The copy right of all the content and pictures on “the International website of National Highway Police Bureau” belongs to the National Highway Police Bureau and under the protection of Taiwan and international copy right regulations. Without the agreement of the said bureau, one is not allowed to display, publish and remake partial or all content of “the International website of National Highway Police Bureau”. It is severely banned by related laws regarding to the intention of changing without agreement or removing the service and related information on “the International website of National Highway Police Bureau” In order to ensure the information security and service quality, the website of the said bureau offers security policy as follows: l Upon the detecting system for internet intrusion, the bureau thus is able to supervise the internet flow and discover the hackers who intent to change or remove the information on the website without authority. l The bureau installs fire wall to protect the website from illegal intrusion, destruction or stealing. The website will not fall to illegal users and thus the rights of the users will be guaranteed. l The bureau installs virus scanning software and scans the virus regularly, in order to provide safe website surrounding to the users. l The bureau saves the data with another copy everyday and regularly installs system with modified formula to ensure the safety of information and system of the website.

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