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Traffic Advocacy –Driving Precautions

  1. Before driving on the freeway, perform a security check on your car.
  2. No speeding or overloading.
  3. No drunk driving.
  4. Comply with the regulations of the road authority.
    1. No driving, overtaking or reversing cars on road shoulders.
    2. No arbitrarily changing lanes or street racing.
    3. Keep a safe distance from the car in front.
    4. Driving in the specified lanes in accordance with regulations; large vehicles or slow cars must not occupy the inner lane.
    5. When entering themainlane from the ramp, you shouldusethefast lanetotherighttoincrease speedgradually, confirm asafedistance, and then enter themain lane.
    6. When leaving the freeway or entering a ramp connection system with congestion, stop or wait in line and do not use the main lane or road shoulders to intentionally overtake and interrupt the waiting line.
    7. Yield the road immediately when hearing the sirens of on-duty police cars, ambulances, fire engines, rescue vehicles or construction vehicles.
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