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Car Breakdown Precautions for Drivers

When you cannot continuedrivingduetomechanical failure or anotheremergencysituation, you shouldexit thelanes and park on the hard shoulder to wait until help arrives. When the car is exiting the lane, you should put your blinkers on first and slowly pull your car over tothe hard shoulder. Theprominentpartofthe car or of loaded goods should be kept away from thelane. While you are waiting for help to arrive, turn on the hazard warning lights and place breakdown warning signs 50 to 100 meters behind the broken down car. At this moment, the driver can decide whether extra help is needed according to the level of disability. If you cantroubleshootthe problem, the case mayresolve itself,but if the issue is unable to be resolved, you can use aroadsideemergencytelephone to contact thetraffic control center of the National Freeway Bureau to assist in handling the situation. If thevehicle cannotexit the lane, in addition to the procedure while waiting for help, you should immediatelynotify the policefor assistance.

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